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The News section is BAM's portal for its latest developments. This is where you can read reports on current topics, the latest research results and exciting behind-the-scenes information from BAM. Useful information about upcoming events, conferences and trade fair presences, as well as reports on selected past BAM events can be found under Dates and events.

Exciting reports from BAM can be found under Press releases. If you are a journalist and require further information material on our stories, please contact our appointed representatives at the Public Relations office. If you are interested, we would be pleased to add you to our mailing list.

Current publications from BAM scientists and the BAM Annual Report can be found under Publications. A comprehensive bibliography can be obtained from the BAM Publication Server (PUBLICA). For some of the documents, this database serves as an institutional repository that provides access to BAM publications in full at no charge. These include for example BAM's official and notification bulletins, BAM's range of dissertations, BAM's range of research reports, and BAM's presentations.

A list of BAM's public calls to tender can be found under the Calls to tender section. This is also a source of important information on the awarding of public contracts and of general information on procedures to be observed.