Sovereign and public services are tasks assigned by law. This includes approvals and authorizations, as well as policy advice and participation in committees, especially for standardization and rule-making. We provide these services for the benefit of the general public.

BAM's sovereign and public services are, in addition to committee activities and consulting, in particular:

  • Expert report/opinions (statutory)
  • Recognition of certification bodies and systems
  • Recognition as testing or inspection body
  • Dangerous goods transport licenses
  • Appointment and recognition of experts
  • Product and substance approvals
  • Reliability tests and clearance certificates

Online application

Applications for sovereign and public services can be submitted online. Use the services in our application portal to do so.

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Certifications and licences by BAM

Certification is the formal attestation by a neutral independent third party that products, processes, systems or persons meet defined requirements.

What is the difference between certificate, approval and test report?

We certify products and associated manufacturing systems and also carry out inspection activities as part of necessary monitoring. The tests on which the certifications are based are carried out by us or, in exceptional cases, by recognized and supervised external testing bodies, whose test results are evaluated by us and form the basis for the certification.

We certify products primarily in connection with EC directives and national legal regulations. The certifications are carried out in the form of design-type tests. These are usually combined with monitoring of the manufacturers' quality assurance systems or - in the case of inspections - with monitoring of the company's own testing services.

In addition, we also certify in some special fields of competence in the voluntary area, i.e. where there are no legal regulations for the products to date or none at all.

Here, we take as our starting point the level of safety and the corresponding requirements for the products and apply various so-called certification systems relating to the depth of product testing and monitoring. This is associated with the possibility for customers to affix an approved certification mark (label) to the product as well as in corresponding advertising or information materials.

We perform approvals and conformity assessments in the following areas:

Containment systems for dangerous goods

Mobile pressure devices

Explosives and pyrotechnic articles

Explosion protection (ATEX)

Construction products

Voluntary certification

Notified Body BAM

BAM operates as an EU Notified Body with the identification number 0589 within the scope of EC directives. The current notification scope is listed in the NANDO database

Official Bulletins

BAM publishes its approvals, licences and the results of its other administrative acts as well as certifications on the basis of EU directives through its
Official Notification Bulletin.

Licensing and Conformity Assessments

Information in the Technical Safety Portal (TES)

Further information on topics related to conformity assessments and approvals can also be found in the Technical Safety Portal:

Dangerous Goods Containments (Regulations for the Transportation of Dangerous Goods)

Our task is the approval of packagings including intermediate bulk containers (IBC) and large packagings for the transport of dangerous goods.

Explosives and Pyrotechnics (Explosives Act)

We carry out EU conformity procedures for explosives and pyrotechnics. In addition, we are the approval authority for blasting accessories according to the Explosives Act.

Substances at Risk of Explosion in the Chemical Industry (Explosives Legislation)

In accordance with § 2 SprengG, we are responsible for determining the explosive hazard and assigning other explosive substances to a substance group in accordance with Annex II of the SprengG and, in accordance with § 4 of the 2nd SprengV, for assigning them to a storage group.

Pyrotechnic Explosives (German Firearms and Pyrotechnics Act)

Our area of responsibility also includes the approval of pyrotechnic ammunition in accordance with the firing law and the approval of transfer operations for explosives.

Landfill Liners (Recycling and Waste Disposal Law)

We are responsible for the testing and approval of geosynthetics, polymers and sealing control systems for use in base and surface sealing of landfills based on our own investigations and the results of accredited bodies.

Organic Peroxides (Hazardous Substances Ordinance)

We assign organic peroxides to hazard groups according to § 11 GefStoffV and Annex I No. 2.3 as well as BGV B4 "Organic Peroxides".