Topics in focus

The focus areas classify the ongoing work at BAM by topics that are relevant to politics, society and research policy.


With respect to energy, we perform research throughout energy carriers' usage chain, from production, to storage, to consumption, to disposal.


The infrastructure focus area looks at the technical reliability and ongoing safety of infrastructure systems and components, as well as all modes of transport.


The environment focus area comprises several investigations on the diverse and long-term reciprocal effects between materials and the environment.


Our activities in the characterization, period of use, reliability and sustainability of substances as well as basic and other materials are dealt with in the focus area materials.

Analytical Sciences

In Analytical Sciences, we engage with the methodological and instrumental aspects of testing and measurement processes to determine reliable data.



Overview of Services

We are a partner and service provider to the worlds of business, politics and science. We research, test and advise to protect people, the environment and material goods.

Review and Assessments

We offer tests, analyses and reports on materials, technical products and systems for companies and other external clients.

Licensing and Certification

Safety in technology and chemistry is hugely relevant to Germany as a place of business.

Research and Development

As a departmental research institute, we use our technical expertise and many years of experience to research the technical safety of products, processes and personal and business environments.

Reference Materials and Round Robin Tests

We develop and certify reference materials to guarantee accurate and reliable measurement results. The BAM Webshop offers our customers access to over 400 materials from various fields.




Safety creates markets. We set and represent high standards for Germany and its global markets, embedding a 'Made in Germany' culture of quality.

The President

President Prof. Dr. rer. nat. Ulrich Panne on his responsibilities and challenges at BAM as a "Safety in Technology and Chemistry" Centre of Excellence.

Organisational Chart

BAM is a higher federal authority for sciences and technology. 1,660 employees work at our four sites in and around Berlin, across 11 departments.

Job Openings

Our colleagues research, test and provide advice on safety in technology and chemistry. We offer future employees diverse responsibilities and excellent working conditions.

Experience BAM

Our colleagues, coming from very diverse fields (from analytical chemistry to structural safety) will tell you about their interdisciplinary work at BAM.

Specialized Portal
TES - Technical Safety

TES - Technical Safety
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Official publications

Approvals, permits and other administrative acts as well as certifications