BAM combines research, assessment, and advice for safety in technology and chemistry under one roof. As part of our statutory and socio-political functions, we identify the challenges to safety in technology and chemistry for the society of tomorrow. Our work focuses on the five inter-departmental focus areas of energy, infrastructure, environment, materials, and analytical sciences.

With our work in the fields of Energy, Infrastructure and Environment we are tackling essential challenges society is facing. The focus areas of Materials and Analytical Sciences are key technologies for safety in technology and chemistry. They are all generally relevant for BAM's research, and are drivers of innovations as well as providing foundations for new products, processes, and services in Germany as a business location. The five focus areas provide thematic platforms that structure our work. At the same time, they serve to make visible BAM's contribution to politically, socially and scientifically important topics.

On the following pages, we present a few selected stories from the various focus areas that demonstrate the breadth of BAM's research, testing, and advisory services.

With the project database ReSEARCH you can search BAM's projects in an up-to-date and comprehensive manner. This gives you an overview of the innovative research achievements that characterise the multi-faceted spectrum of scientific activities at BAM.