BAM puts its goods and services out to tender based on UVgO , VgV , GWB und VOB


Tender components:

Contract notices
Tender documents

Procurement conditions

General contractual conditions for the performance of services VOL/B

General conditions for the execution of construction works VOB/B

BAM's general terms and conditions of purchase

There may be additional documents required. Please refer to the respective tender.
Please find the complete tender documents in the eVergabe portal.

BAM's tenders from purchasing on the eVergabe portal

Please note that above documents are for your information only. If you want to submit a tender, please activate "Teilnahme" on the eVergabe portal. After that you will be informed about possible changes in the tender documents and can request more information.

For more information, see eVergabe portal.

General policies and information

BAM as a contracting entity

The procurement office at BAM is responsible for purchasing the goods and services required for fulfilling BAM's responsibilities.

BAM is a public institution without legal personality under the purview of the Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy.

For this reason, BAM executes its purchases as a contracting entity in accordance with Section 99 of the Act Against Restraints of Competition. As a result, the procurement office is tied to the specifications of public procurement law.

Publication entities

In order to notify the general public of all public tenders, and therefore enable as many interested applicants as possible to participate in tender procedures, notification of tenders is provided in special publication entities (including e-Vergabe, and supplements to the Official Journal of the EU).

Legal bases

The procurement office at BAM performs its purchasing activity based on award law that is not governed by a standardised law in the Federal Republic of Germany; instead, it is comprised of a series of national and European legal bases.

Common Procurement Vocabulary (CPV)

There is a Common Procurement Vocabulary (CPV), the objective of which is to support cross-Europe standardisation of descriptions of ordered items, and therefore enable the bidder to perform effective tender research.

In this context, each item put out to tender is allocated a certain code number. The procurement office at BAM must also state the CPV codes to describe the ordered items when it releases tender notifications.