BAM is a partner and service provider for industry, politics and science. We research, test and advise on the protection of people, the environment and material goods. Within the framework of our legal and socio-political tasks, we identify requirements for safety in technology and chemistry and thus make a decisive contribution to Germany as a business location.

In compliance with the principle of subsidiarity, we provide science-based services for safety-related issues, for example in the form of expert opinions and expert reports or certified reference materials and interlaboratory tests. In addition, we offer services such as the testing, analysis and approval of substances, technical products and systems.

For this purpose, we and our customers have a unique spectrum of measurement and process technologies at our disposal in an interdisciplinary context. Our economically independent competence enables companies to assess the safety of their products realistically and comprehensibly.

Reliable and high-quality certificates, expert reports, recognitions as well as test and research reports document that products or plants meet the high standards of the German quality culture. In addition, as a departmental research institution, we are a reliable partner for research projects related to safety in technology and chemistry.

Four business fields - diverse services

With the amendment of the decree on BAM, the previous fields of activity "Testing, Analysis, Approval", "Advice and Information" and "Research and Development" have been replaced by four business fields, which cluster our services:

Research and development

Sovereign and public services

Scientific and technical services

Knowledge and technology transfer

Application portal

Orders in the context of sovereign and public services can be carried out online. Use the services in our
application portal (German version only).

Fees and costs

When BAM provides services as an authority and acts upon an application (sovereign and public services), the cost rates listed in the Special Fees Ordinance apply.

For all other services provided by BAM, the current version of BAM's List of Prices and Services shall apply.