Safety in Technology and Chemistry

BAM is a partner and service provider for business, government and science. We research, test and advise on topics relating to the protection of people, the environment and property. Within the scope of our statutory and sociopolitical mandate, we identify requirements related to safety in technology and chemistry for the society of tomorrow by engaging in research & development, providing advice and information, and offering testing, analysis and licensing services.

Within the scope of its mandate, BAM offers services in the testing, analysis and licensing of materials, technical products and machinery. In accordance with the principle of subsidiarity, BAM also provides science-based services for safety-related questions, for example in the form of assessments and expert appraisals, or certified reference materials and round robin tests.

Centre of Excellence

BAM, an internationally recognised centre of excellence for safety in technology and chemistry, offers business and research a unique range of measurement and process techniques in an interdisciplinary context. By working with the economically independent centre of excellence BAM, businesses can realistically and plausibly assess the safety of their products.

Reliable and high-quality certificates, assessments, endorsements, documentation of testing and research confirm the conformity of products or machinery with the high standards of German quality culture. As a federal research institution, BAM is also a reliable partner for research projects relating to safety in engineering and chemical handling.

The services offered by BAM include:

Reviews and Assessments

Licensing and Certification

Research and Development

Reference Materials and Round Robin Tests

Information Services