Interdisciplinary Knowledge combined with In-House Research

In the cutting edge and key technologies of materials science, materials engineering and chemistry, BAM engages in research as a federal research institution with its technical expertise and many years of experience in the technical safety of products, processes, and the lives and working environments of people. BAM's expertise is the result of interdisciplinary knowledge combined with in-house research of great quality and continuity.

BAM's international research & development activities can be assigned to different grades in a simple production model – the investigation of a new problem starts with a robust and open-minded examination of the fundamentals, because BAM's work at the highest level is impossible without solid underlying knowledge.
This is followed by applied research, which focuses on a specific result. This is often funded by third-party sources and generates additional revenue from external sources alongside publications to enable the BAM to pursue its goals.
The next stage is that of technological development. It is based on existing knowledge and is distinctly focused on the development of new products and processes.

Innovation Projects and Technology Development Efforts

In particular, BAM supports technology transfer projects with small and medium-sized businesses with the goal of supporting sophisticated innovation projects in order to enable research & development results with high potential for economic applications to be quickly fed into marketable, innovative products, processes and services (e.g. tests, licensing processes and conformity assessments) in partnership with businesses. Patents, licences, standards and technical regulations are also among the results of the technology development efforts. As part of this transfer of knowledge and technology, there are also very successful companies spun off from BAM.

Analytical sciences - Research & development

Research and Development in our focus area Analytical Sciences

Source: BAM

The advising of BAM's different business, governmental and social clients is a core component of all stages of research. BAM's diverse research activities are broken down into five focus areas:





Analytical Sciences

The energy, infrastructure and environment focus areas address the main challenges faced by our society, whereas materials and analytical sciences represent key technologies used to ensure safety in technology and chemistry.

The following information pages provide a detailed insight into BAM’s activities:

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