Young scientists welcome!

The next generation of scientists is a hot topic for BAM. At BAM, scientists and engineers from different subjects are researching current, practice-related topics – for example, from the areas of Energy, Environment and Materials Engineering. We also offer interdisciplinary approaches to scientists at the start of their careers.

Our researchers have access to cutting-edge technical equipment at BAM's four locations. Some of the testing installations are unique, i.e. in Europe, or even in the world. We are very interested in exchanges with other research institutes and work in national and international networks. We partner with universities, non-university research institutes and industrial companies in this respect.

We invest a lot to identify scientific talent, secure the services of those individuals and to support their development. As well as the providing the opportunity to write bachelor, diploma and master theses at BAM, we support our scientists with a programme for doctoral students, in a post-doctoral programme and through the Adolf Martens Fellowship Programme. For committed applicants we can offer flexible and modern working arrangements, for example in chemistry, physics, biology and material sciences, and in a range of engineering subjects.

Find out about our offers for students, doctoral and postdoctoral candidates. Or have a look under our current job openings.