Are you a young scientist with an excellent international degree and top recommendations? Your doctorate is no more than three years old and your field fits in with BAM's scientific orientation? You would like to successfully complete a special scientific project formulated by yourself within one year at BAM? Then become an Adolf Martens Fellow!

What we offer

With the Adolf Martens Fellowship Programme, BAM is funding up to 10 post-doc junior scientists for one year. An extension to collaboration with BAM beyond the Adolf Martens Bursary depends on the work result and the available positions in the department or division. In addition, several national and European third-party funding programs exist through which the stay at BAM can be extended. BAM strongly welcomes and supports Adolf Martens fellows to submit applications to these programs.

Adolf Martens fellows are scientific employees of BAM. Their salary is aligned with the collective agreement for public service (TVöD). Employment contracts may be flexibly designed in accordance with the provisions of the collective agreement.

Application procedure

Interested scientists should have precise ideas about the scientific work they would like to conduct at BAM. Before applying, applicants should establish contact with the department or division that will host the applicant. In doing so, applicants and the hosting organisational unit should agree on a research programme and time schedule that correspond to BAM's thematic priorities.

The application should include a comprehensive description of the scientific project and the technical equipment that will be available (see application template). A curriculum vitae and letters of recommendation from two academics with an international reputation are also required. In addition, a confirmation of willingness to cooperate from the host organisational unit of BAM should be submitted.

Interested applicants can contact BAM at any time. Applications are reviewed by a team of BAM experts twice a year, on the cut-off dates of 31st of May and 30th of November.

All information on the Adolf Martens Fellowship Programme can be found in our Adolf Martens Fellowship Flyer and in the Application template.

If you are interested, please contact the Research Coordination Team at

Materials researcher Adolf Martens

The programme was named after the materials researcher Adolf Martens, who founded the science of materials testing in Germany 100 years ago. He wrote the first handbook of materials science and actively supported young materials researchers even then. Adolf Martens was the first director of our institute at its current location in Berlin-Dahlem.

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