Coatings, adhesive bonds and composites used, for example, in plant or vehicle construction must be tested for their adhesive, joint or composite strength. To date, these tests have been carried out as extensive single-sample tests using a tensile testing machine. A novel analytical centrifuge enables this test to be performed much more easily because the composites to be tested need not be clamped on either side but only supported on one side. Moreover, the test is much faster because up to eight samples can be tested simultaneously under identical conditions instead of only one sample, with the centrifugal force acting as a test force.

BAM scientists have developed the test principle which has been licensed to LUM GmbH. The company was awarded the 2012 Berlin-Brandenburg Innovation Award for implementing this innovative technology in the field of material testing, in particular for innovative hardware and software solutions. The test method is being continuously developed and is currently being tested for compressive stress (hardness, compactability and compressibility).

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12/02/2016 Materials