Reconnaissance of the area of operation

Reconnaissance is often the most difficult phase of an operation as the occurring dangers are not yet fully understood.

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Today BAM launches the innovation forum "InnoBOSK", which aims to better connect companies and end users in the field of civil security research. In addition to various workshops, the establishment of a digital platform is planned to make the project permanent. InnoBOSK is funded by the German Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF) as part of the "Innovation Forums for SMEs" funding initiative.

In Germany, numerous authorities and organizations with security tasks (BOS) are active in civil hazard prevention. These include fire departments, rescue services, state and federal police forces, the Federal Agency for Technical Relief (THW), and aid organizations such as the Red Cross and Johanniter Unfallhilfe. They all use technical systems and solutions that are mostly developed by small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs).

"Quite often, however, these systems - protective equipment, extinguishing , measuring or sensor technology, drones or robotics - do not meet the needs of those who actually use them in hazardous situations: Often the equipment is too extensive or too complicated, or it is not easy to operate under the difficult conditions of an operation, in the dark or wet," explains project manager Daniel Krentel, who himself works voluntarily for the Federal Agency for Technical Relief.

Conversely, it is usually difficult for SMEs to gain a sufficient market overview of the very diverse world of BOS. "They often don't even have the resources for an elaborate market analysis. As a result, they may develop applications for which there is no need at all or, conversely, fail to recognize market opportunities for systems that have already been developed," says Krentel.

The InnoBOSK innovation forum that has now been launched aims to change that and bring both worlds - BOS and SMEs - together and network them permanently. In a digital kick-off workshop in February, both sides are to jointly survey and prioritize their needs and capabilities. A major conference is planned for September 2021, which is intended to improve mutual understanding through active exchange and thus trigger a faster and more targeted innovation process.

A digital platform for which interested companies and BOS can register will perpetuate the project and will be managed by BAM in the future.

"BAM is predestined to bring both sides together: On the one hand, we are well networked with the BOS and are valued by them as an independent partner. On the other hand, we have excellent contacts in the world of SMEs through many testing assignments, certifications and consulting services," says Daniel Krentel. "With InnoBOSK, we as BAM want to help concretely advance security research and the solutions developed within this framework, and at the same time improve the market opportunities of German companies in this field."

Interested parties who would like to participate in the first kick-off workshop on February 17, 2021 or be represented in the network as an SME or BOS can contact innobosk@bam.de.

For more information on InnoBOSK, see the interview "New network for better safety technology".

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