Hydrogen fuelling station

Hydrogen fuelling station

Source: BAM

BAM is a new member of the HYPOS network which promotes the use of green hydrogen in the chemical industry, refinery, mobility and energy supply sectors.

HYPOS - the abbreviation stands for Hydrogen Power Storage & Solutions East Germany - is one of ten innovation projects of the funding initiative "Zwanzig20 - Partnerschaft für Innovation" (Twenty20 - Partnership for Innovation) launched by the Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF). It already networks and coordinates over 100 institutions from industry and science. The consortium, which is based in eastern Germany, promotes practice-oriented collaborative projects and is also a platform for knowledge transfer in the production, transport, storage and utilisation of green hydrogen. HYPOS aims to make the use of "green" hydrogen, i.e. hydrogen produced from renewable energies, economically viable on a large scale and to create a model region in the new federal states.

BAM has many years of expertise in the hydrogen sector. In September it bundled its research in this field to the competence center H2Safety@BAM. The focus is on safety aspects and quality standards along the entire value chain: from production, transport and storage to the use of hydrogen. BAM will contribute its recognised expertise in the safe use of hydrogen to the HYPOS network, thus promoting an important innovation project of the energy turnaround.