Illustration of young scientists

With its junior research groups programme, BAM wants to attract outstanding junior staff and offer them attractive framework conditions in the long term.

Source: BAM

BAM has launched a new programme to promote outstanding young scientists. The first junior research group call is online - interested researchers can apply and submit short proposals until May 31.

The programme offers young scientists from all over the world the opportunity to set up their own independent junior research group at BAM and to establish themselves in the community. Competitive funding of the research group and long-term career prospects, including permanent employment, are among the attractive framework conditions at BAM.

The junior research groups work on key safety-relevant issues within BAM’s focus areas with the aim of broadening BAM’s existing expertise through new competencies in a sustainable and complementary manner.

The following topics have been selected for the 2020 call for proposals:

  • Safety of Batteries (State of Safety (SoS) of batteries for electromobility applications; analysis of electrochemical processes at micro- and nano-scale)
  • Green Building Chemistry (bio-based materials; green and low-carbon binders; rheology-modifying agents)
  • AI-driven Materials Discovery (accelerating materials discovery with machine learning; relevant for new functional materials, energy materials, or Max-Phases and MXene)
  • Molecular Mechanisms of Flame Retardants (multiscale (10-10 to 100): molecular interactions - fire behaviour of materials; interdisciplinary - chemistry, polymer analysis/technology, fire engineering; online analysis, imaging methods; modes of action during pyrolysis and in the flame)

Outstanding scientists who have completed their doctorate 2 to 5 years ago and have international research experience are eligible to apply.

Find more information about BAM’s junior research groups and the 2020 call for proposals at www.bam.de/junior-research-groups