BAM takes responsibility for the promotion of Open Source Software in a declaration.

Source: gubernat/iStock/Getty Images Plus

BAM examines, researches and advises on the protection of people, environment and material goods. Its work also includes making the results of their work accessible and usable to the general public. Therefore, BAM is specifically promoting the creation and use of Free and Open-Source Software (FOSS) in scientific research as well as all their other delegated tasks. This is confirmed by a declaration, which BAM President, Prof. Dr. Ulrich Panne, has just signed.

BAM will make its self-developed software – which includes science, economy and civil society – available to the general public, provided that there are no legal liabilities or other reasons to prevent it. BAM invites the dissemination and further development of the open source software it has created and will make their own enhancements to the existing open source software available to the community.

In future, BAM will also refer to its commitment to “Free Open Source by default” with co-operations in the area of research and development, who are involved in the creation of software. This principle should become the basis for collective scientific work with research partners. “Open dealings with self-developed software strengthens the Open Science Community”, says BAM President, Ulrich Panne. “As a result, I am pleased that we have already put this part of our self-image in writing.”