Live-webinar BAM and Diamond Light Source

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BAM has teamed up with the Diamond Light Source to bring you an ongoing series of online lectures. The lectures focus on early career researchers in materials science using scattering and diffraction techniques as part of their research. The talks are intended to provide an insight into the various uses, developments and theory of the scattering and diffraction techniques.

These lectures can be attended via Zoom by to up to 100 attendees.

The lectures will be recorded as well, and (with permission of the presenter) will be made available online afterwards for a broader educational reach at #TheLightStuff YouTube channel.

Scheduled lectures:

(please note the new UTC time starting with 30th October lecture; CET = UTC + 1)

Please note that given the international nature of the lectures, the timings of the lecture will vary to coordinate with the lecturer's availability and time zone.

To participate, use the meeting join link here.

For further questions, please contact scattering@bam.de. The lectures are organized by Dr Brian Pauw, BAM together with Dr Claire Murray Diamond Light Source, Dr Glen Smales, BAM and Jenni Haberland, BAM.