Expert group “Hydrogen Safety” from the Republic of Korea visited BAM

Expert group “Hydrogen Safety” from the Republic of Korea visited BAM

Source: BAM

On 14th January 2020 a high level expert group “Hydrogen Safety” from the Republic of Korea visited BAM. The members of the delegation were high ranking officials from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and leading Korean resarch institutes such as the Korea Energy Economics Institute (KEEi), the Korea Institute of Energy Research (KIER) and the Korea Institute of Science and Technology (KIST). The delegation was accompanied by high ranking officials from the Korean Embassy in Berlin as well as a government official from the Federal Ministry of Foreign Affairs Department for Energy and Foreign Commodities. The delegation visited BAM also to prepare the venue for a larger Korean delegation focusing on trade and energy in late March 2020 in Berlin.

The Korean delegation met with BAM scientists from the Energy Storage group to exchange on different aspects such as safety, production, transport, storage and forms of application of hydrogen. The BAM researchers pictured the various current research projects on hydrogen at BAM supported by presentations and posters. It was highlighted that BAM’s research focus lies on renewable energies and storage including hydrogen, which constitute strategic research areas in the future.

It became clear that the Korean delegates were especially interested in BAM’s efforts to design safety regulations on hydrogen. At a laboratory visit of composite hydrogen tanks both sides expressed interest to meet again to exchange on the design of common research activities. The BAM researchers stressed that Korea offers a great potential for scientific cooperation and expressed the interest to host Korean researchers for a stay at BAM to work together on the topics of hydrogen.