Franziska Kiesel, industrial mechanic trainee in the Testing Devices and Equipment Division at BAM

Franziska Kiesel, industrial mechanic trainee in the Testing Devices and Equipment Division at BAM

Source: BAM

Franziska, you are currently training to become an industrial mechanic specialising in precision engineering. Why did you choose this profession?

In school we did work study that included woodworking and metalworking. That was a lot of fun. My former teacher suggested I should go to the Girls' Day, so I did. There I was allowed to work on a lathe and they introduced the industrial mechanic profession in more detail. At the career counseling, I participated in a preparatory test, which revealed that, among others, the industrial mechanic profession would be very suitable for me. The job fair at the Federal Employment Agency made me aware of the BAM traineeship.

Are there many young women who learn this job?

The proportion of women in technical professions is still not very high; however, I see that there are more every year. There are currently two female trainees at BAM who are learning this profession, including myself. We are the only two women among 17 men in my vocational school class as well.

How do you cope?

Very well! The boys are very nice and helpful, there are no problems. You shouldn’t be afraid to express yourself, being inhibited would be bad and a ready wit is beneficial.

Would you recommend the profession to other young women?

Yes, definitely – to those who enjoy manual labour and don’t mind physical effort. The further education opportunities are also very good. For example, one can become a technician or a Master Craftsman. Many things are possible.

Franziska, you are currently in your second year of the traineeship. What are you currently doing in the training?

I am currently working on the lathe in the main workshop, where I undertake assignments from the divisions.

How would you describe that?

The assignments from the divisions comprise technical drawings which I translate into a made item. I elaborate my own thoughts on the method and then discuss each step with my supervisor. This is very challenging and a lot of fun because you are responsible for everything from the raw material to the finished product.