Laser beam melting (LBM) system for additive manufacturing of components

BAM is researching new processes for additive manufacturing, such as laser beam melting for metallic components.

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Additive manufacturing for safety-relevant applications

More and more companies are investing in additive manufacturing to produce high-quality and precisely fitting components faster and more efficiently. However, reliable criteria and procedures for testing and quality assurance of additively manufactured products are still lacking. This makes their use for safety-critical applications, for example for the production of aircraft parts or medical technology, currently still very complex.

This is where BAM's work comes in: We combine our many years of expertise in materials analysis, non-destructive material testing and the welding of materials to further develop additive manufacturing processes and enable the use of additively manufactured components in safety-relevant applications.

The knowledge gained is incorporated into standards and regulations. BAM is intensively involved in committees and promotes the exchange between science, industry and politics.

Our services and competences

  • Additive manufacturing with metallic, ceramic, cement-based materials
  • State-of-the-art infrastructure for metals: laser beam melting (L-PBF), laser powder cladding (LMD) and arc generation (WAAM)
  • Non-destructive material characterisation
  • Process monitoring
  • Optimisation of additive manufacturing processes and process development
  • Material and component testing
  • Corrosion testing
  • Comparative and interlaboratory test


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Additive Manufacturing at BAM: Safety in focus / brochure, 03/2019 (PDF, 4MB)
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