Analytical data from various applications can only be useful if they are correct, precise and comparable. The development of necessary methods and routines represents one major task of the Federal Institute for Materials Research and Testing (BAM). An important aspect is to ensure the quality of these methods. BAM provides competences in the field of metrological traceability, develops necessary reference material, and applies various statistical methods for optimal data evaluation. To determine important interfaces for the complete, but slim data protection e.g. in multidisciplinary projects is as much challenging as the data structuring itself.

BAM represents an accredited manufacturer of reference materials according to ISO 17034, and is accredited as certified test and calibration laboratory (ISO 17025) in various divisions. Experts of BAM are significantly involved in the development of international norms and standards. Regular internal and external training courses are offered to ensure the expertise of the staff regarding quality management issues. The EPTIS (Proficiency Testing Information System) data base, which contains more than 3700 test methods so far, was especially developed for national and international customers of BAM. Thus, the Federal Institute for Materials Research and Testing can be regarded as one of the major authorities for quality management in technology and chemistry worldwide.