BAM develops a wide range of methods, detection schemes and instruments for the chemical characterization of substances, mixtures of chemicals and further samples from very different fields of application. In the field of chemical composition and trace analysis, we counsel on all questions relating to the reliability of chemical analysis methods and quality assurance as well as on quality control in chemical-analytical laboratories.

To ensure the accuracy and comparability of measurements, reference methods and materials are often developed at BAM in cooperation with industrial bodies. Reliable environmental and food analysis plays a key role in promoting consumer protection and confidence and in the safe and reliable monitoring of limiting values.

Using modern mass spectrometers, we track down nanoparticles and develop the basis for diagnostics. We can use the element microscope to locate and analyze individual elements in biological cells. For the characterization of ultrapure chemicals as primary calibration substances with a very high accuracy we develop determination methods for metallic and non-metallic trace contaminants. Isotope analysis serves, for example, as proof of the regional origin of food products. In order to establish sustainability in chemical processes, the possibilities of solvent-free mechanochemical processes are being investigated. BAM is significantly involved in the normalization and standardization of analytical methods.