Reviews and Assessments

Within the scope of our mandate, we offer tests, analyses and damage analyses for materials, technical products and machinery on behalf of businesses and other external clients.

BAM is the central port of call for damage events, offering interdisciplinary failure analysis and prevention for complex systems in transport (rail, ship, heavy goods road transport and aircraft), mechanical and plant engineering, medical engineering, implants, steel construction, hazardous goods and safety engineering. The results are provided in the form of assessments, test reports and presentations for clients, among them industry, police, public prosecutors, courts, public authorities, ministries, insurance companies and media.

Interdisciplinary failure analysis (PDF)

High speed test machine

High speed test machine to analyse materials

Source: BAM

Reference Methods and Large-Scale Tests

BAM has numerous methods, testing procedures and testing laboratories. It offers reference methods that assess the precision and reliability of measuring techniques. Businesses can make use of the referene methods provided by BAM as a reference test. BAM provides reference methods on the basis of need and purpose.

On its Horstwalde premises, BAM has also established an exceptional Test Site for Technical Safety (TTS). It offers the means to conduct realistic and large-scale tests under true scale conditions using special-purpose testing facilities. The site has two fire test stations, a testing station for investigating fire and explosion hazards, an explosion site with a variety of testing facilities such as a firewall facility, an explosion and gas chamber and a drop test facility.

BAM's testing facilities are also at the disposal of other institutes for shared use within the context of joint ventures. The testing infrastructure is also open for public use in accordance with the BAM fee regulation.

Overview of BAM's accreditation certificates