The Department for Component Safety carries out materials research and testing targeted at improvement of the safety of technical components in the various mechanical engineering fields and also in the automotive and transportation industries. Special consideration in research and testing is given to the interactions between the materials and the respective structural design under the various load types and conditions. Research topics concentrate on the investigation of the service behavior of safety relevant components under consideration of realistic loads and the influences of fabrication welding.


Division 9.1 Service Loading Fatigue and Structural Integrity Division 9.2 Testing Devices and Equipment Division 9.3 Wel­ding Technology Division 9.4 Weld Me­cha­nics Division 9.5 Ma­cro­tri­bo­lo­gy and We­ar Protection Division 9.6 Ad­di­ti­ve Ma­nu­fac­tu­ring of Me­tal­lic Com­ponents