Non-destructive testing methods ensure that materials, products, machinery and systems are safe and fit for purpose.

The practical application of radiological, acoustic, electromagnetic, optical, thermographic and sensor-based methods, the development of new methods, the improvement and combination of existing methods, and supporting the development of standards and technical guidelines in this framework – these are the key activities of the Non-Destructive Testing department.


Division 8.1 Sen­sors, Measurement and Testing Methods Division 8.2 Non-de­struc­ti­ve Testing Methods for Ci­vil Engineering Division 8.3 Ra­dio­lo­gi­cal Methods Division 8.4 Acou­stic and Elec­tro­ma­gne­tic Methods Division 8.5 Mi­cro Non-De­struc­ti­ve Testing Division 8.6 Fi­b­re Op­tic Sen­sors Division 8.7 Ther­mo­gra­phic Methods