As a competence centre for fibre optic sensors, the Fibre Optic Sensors division provides information and advice with respect to all questions of development, application and reliability of fibre optic sensors and sensor systems. On focus is the development of fibre optic sensors for condition monitoring of infrastructures, energy plants and materials.

The particular expertise of our division encompasses distributed fibre optic sensors for the continuously distributed monitoring of geotechnical structures, large infrastructures and constructions and energy plants.

We have broad expertise in the application and integration of fibre optic sensors in materials and structures with respect to the early detection and location of damages (structural health monitoring).

We are also involved in the validation and the development of standards and technical regulation of fibre optic sensors.

Dr.-Ing. Katerina Krebber, Head of Division Fibre Optic Sensors, Bundesanstalt für Materialforschung und -prüfung (BAM)

Contact Dr.-Ing. Katerina Krebber

Head of Division 8.6

Branch Fabeckstraße

Phone +49 30 8104-1860