The Safety of Structures department focuses on the development of innovative building materials and methods in all fields of civil engineering. This includes the investigation and evaluation of the safety and durability of building materials, components and structures when subjected to complex mechanical, climatic and corrosive exposures as well as fire. This covers the entire lifecycle, including the potential for recycling.

Other core fields are the interdisciplinary field of “building material mechanics”, which aims to fundamentally understand damage processes by combining experimental methods with numerical multiscale simulations, as well as the “large-scale fire” field, the goal of which is to analyse and evaluate the processes and effects of fires and explosions, particularly in industrial and underground transport facilities.


Division 7.1 Buil­ding Materials Division 7.2 Buil­dings and Structures Division 7.3 Fire Engineering Division 7.4 Technology of Con­struc­ti­on Materials Division 7.5 Technical Properties of Polymeric Materials Division 7.6 Corrosion and Corrosion Protection Division 7.7 Mo­del­ling and Si­mu­la­ti­on