The aim of the Materials Chemistry department is to develop functional materials using sustainable and innovative methods, whilst characterize them across multiple scales.

Material development is carried out for model systems and is supported by in-silico design to ensure direct feedback from experiment, modeling and simulation.

Material characterization by the correlative acquisition of complementary physical and chemical properties can enable a more comprehensive understanding of functional and reference materials.

We offer solutions for material science problems to our customers, with support from digital, experimental and cross-scale material development and characterization, from initial concept to realization and throughout the life cycle of functional materials.

Our strength lies in the rapid aggregation of data from complementary and correlative methods to increase the safety of materials. Reference materials, reference procedures and reference data, all make an important contribution to this. We use our expertise for method development to realize innovative ideas.


Division 6.1 Surface Analysis and Interfacial Chemistry Division 6.2 Interfacial Processes and Corrosion Division 6.3 Struc­ture Analysis Division 6.4 Materials In­for­ma­tics Division 6.5 Syn­the­sis and Scat­te­ring of Na­no­struc­tu­red Materials Division 6.6 Phy­si­cal and Chemical Analysis of Po­ly­mers Division 6.7 Surface Modification and Measurement Technology