Materials form a central facet of nearly every aspect of modern life. Moreover, the development of new materials with advanced properties is essential to tackling many of the challenges currently facing our society. The discovery and preparation of next generation materials requires thorough characterisation and understanding of their structure and properties. This can only be achieved through the intimate combination of advanced experimental and theoretical approaches aimed at exploring material structure across length scales (from atoms to bulk). Coupling such approaches to state-of-the-art materials data science facilitates the high-throughput screening and in silico design of new advanced materials. Together, this multi-dimensional approach provides the fundament that is required to drive innovation in materials science, meeting the needs of current and future society.


Division 6.1 Surface Analysis and Interfacial Chemistry Division 6.2 Interfacial Processes and Corrosion Division 6.3 Struc­ture Analysis Division 6.4 Materials In­for­ma­tics Division 6.5 Syn­the­sis and Scat­te­ring of Na­no­struc­tu­red Materials Division 6.6 Phy­si­cal and Chemical Analysis of Po­ly­mers Division 6.7 Surface Modification and Measurement Technology