The function of materials is controlled by properties and processes on the atomic scale. A fundamental understanding of the structure-property relationships and their changes along the life cycle of materials is the key to develop technical innovations and solutions for the major challenges associated with their safety and sustainability. The constantly increasing performance of digital tools for simulation and data-driven materials science enables more targeted material development for the reliable use of functional and structural materials and thus high-performance components. Ab initio simulations allow the determination of material parameters without having to rely on empirical assumptions and experimental adjustments. Digital twins significantly accelerate material development, material testing and life cycle assessment. With a wide range of methods, it is therefore possible to predict new materials and their properties with the help of computer simulations and thus contribute to their safety and sustainability.

The newly established division Material Informatics is integrated into the digital materials science initiative of BAM and focuses on computer-assisted material design and testing on the atomic, meso and nanoscale. In cooperation with the der Department Materials Engineering, the Department Safety of Structures, and the Department Component Safety, the entire length scale is covered. The work of the division takes place in close cooperation with experimental groups at BAM and our network partners with the aim of jointly identifying relevant / exciting topics in materials science and gaining a comprehensive understanding of materials under real conditions.

Dr. rer. nat. Tilmann Hickel

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