Our research focusses on the investigation of interfacial processes and the development of novel surface structuring and functionalization methods. The macroscopic properties and performance of materials are dictated by the processes running at the material-environment interface. Understanding how processes occur and how they can be influenced at the molecular level gives us the necessary insight and tools to tailor material properties for a specific application.

We apply in situ microscopic and spectroscopic techniques coupled with electrochemistry to investigate the degradation of energy materials, the corrosion mechanisms of technical lightweight alloys and to analyze microbiologically influenced corrosion processes. We utilize this mechanistical knowledge to develop laser-based techniques for surface micro- and nano-structuring and novel thin-film coating systems for corrosion and fouling protection.

Ultra-short laser pulses offer the means to establish nanostructures with structural widths beneath the diffraction limits of traditional optical technology. This enables surfaces to be designed for specific functions and to be adapted to the needs of various technical and biomedical applications. This technique offers a remarkably high level of flexibility in terms of the achievable geometry and the materials. We also utilize our process knowhow for the assessment of safety risks of laser-surface treatment technologies, in process standardization as well as for consulting the industry and regulatory institutions.

As technical components are subjected to coupled stresses during service conditions, we focus our efforts on the development of testing methods simulating these scenarios. By directly coupling a tensile testing stage to a diverse set of electrochemical and microscopic techniques we investigate the resistance of materials to coupled mechanical (static and dynamic) and corrosive load at different length scales reaching from centimeter down to nanometer.

Dr.-Ing Özlem Özcan, Division Interfacial Processes and Corrosion, Bundesanstalt für Materialforschung und -prüfung (BAM)

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Head of Division 6.2


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