Welcome to the department of Materials Engineering at BAM. We make, characterize, and validate the structural materials of tomorrow.

The department of Materials Engineering carries out research and development targeting relationships between processing, structure, properties, and performance of structural materials. Central to these activities is material reliability and safety, which puts high demands on processing, structural design, and lifetime predictions. The department provides a research-intensive environment that promotes collaboration, curiosity-driven research, and technical innovation. The goal is to ensure high-quality materials research along the full scientific value chain from fundamentals to applications. This environment is the foundation for ensuring safe technical solutions, thereby serving our societal advancement.

To our current core topics belong failure analysis, high-temperature corrosive degradation, thermo-mechanical fatigue and creep behavior, polymer-matrix composites, additive manufacturing of ceramics, ceramic multilayer systems and sensors, and automated glass synthesis and development.

We are looking forward to collaborating with you.


Division 5.1 Ma­te­ria­lo­gra­phy, Frac­to­gra­phy and Ageing of En­gi­nee­red Materials Division 5.2 Ex­pe­ri­men­tal and Mo­del Ba­sed Me­cha­ni­cal Be­ha­viour of Materials Division 5.3 Po­ly­mer Ma­trix Com­po­si­tes Division 5.4 Ad­van­ced Mul­ti-materials Processing Division 5.5 Ad­van­ced Technical Cera­mics Division 5.6 Glass