The central task of the Department “Materials Engineering” consists in the materials-related analysis of the performance and the integrity of technical components. In our approach, we consider the microstructure and the material properties in the component as influenced by the manufacturing process and by the operational conditions during its service life.

Our activities are related both to the further development of established techniques as well as to the introduction of innovative solutions.


Division 5.1 Ma­te­ria­lo­gra­phy, Frac­to­gra­phy and Ageing of En­gi­nee­red Materials Division 5.2 Ex­pe­ri­men­tal and Mo­del Ba­sed Me­cha­ni­cal Be­ha­viour of Materials Division 5.3 Me­cha­nics of Po­ly­mers Division 5.4 Ceramic Processing and Biomaterials Division 5.5 Ad­van­ced Technical Cera­mics Division 5.6 Glass