Containment systems for dangerous goods cover packaging for dangerous goods such as chemical containers, cannisters, crates, barrels and pressurised gas cylinders, as well as tank trailers, storage tanks, transport containers for radioactive substances (e.g. CASTORs) and containers for the temporary and final storage of radioactive waste.

Our duty is to test, evaluate and approve containment systems for dangerous goods in order to protect people, property and the environment from the risks that can arise in the transport, storage and depositing of such dangerous materials.

We also contribute to this through our research, the findings of which we contribute in order to further develop and improve testing regulations and the formulation of new rules.
In doing so, we ensure safety in the transport and storage of dangerous goods.


Division 3.1 Dangerous Goods Packa­gings Division 3.2 Tanks for Dangerous Goods and Ac­ci­dent Me­cha­nics Division 3.3 Safety of Transport Containers Division 3.4 Safety of Sto­ra­ge Containers Division 3.5 Safety of Gas Sto­ra­ge Systems