The objective of the “Analytical Chemistry; Reference Materials” department is to ensure innovation and reliability in analytical chemistry. This concerns all matters pertaining to the reliability, trueness and precision of chemical analysis methods as well as quality assurance in chemical analysis laboratories. This is also where reference materials are developed and certified, and where analytical methods are established by way of standardisation and round robin tests.


Division 1.1 In­or­ga­nic Trace Analysis Division 1.2 Bio­pho­to­nics Division 1.3 In­stru­men­tal Ana­ly­tics Division 1.4 Pro­cess Analytical Technology Division 1.5 Pro­te­in Analysis Division 1.6 In­or­ga­nic Reference Materials Division 1.7 Or­ga­nic Trace and Food Analysis Division 1.8 Environmental Analysis Division 1.9 Chemical and Op­ti­cal Sen­sing