The research focus of the division Inorganic Trace Analysis is located at the material and environmental as well as life sciences interface. We are investigating the release of metals, elemental species as well as (nano-)particles from materials into the environment as well as their possible ingestion into organisms and cells – thus, our research aims at elucidating the environmental impact of (metal based) materials.

Therefore we are developing ICP-(ToF)-MS based methods for the (ultra-)trace analysis of metals, elemental species, isotope ratios as well as single particle/single cell analysis. To investigate the lateral distribution of elements laserablation-ICP-MS (LA-ICP-MS) is employed. To cover non-metal analysis we are developing complementary high resolution-continuum source-graphite furnace-molecular absorption spectrometry (HR-CS-GFMAS) based methods.

group photo division 1.1 Inorganic Trace Analysis

Source: BAM

Dr. rer. nat. Björn Meermann, Head of Division Inorganic Trace Analysis, Bundesanstalt für Materialforschung und -prüfung (BAM)

Contact Dr. rer. nat. Björn Meermann

Head of Division 1.1

Branch Adlershof

Phone +49 30 8104-1110