New Year's Eve: Be safe with tested fireworks

Demonstration of fireworks at BAM Test Site for Technical Safety TTS, Horstwalde

Source: BAM

When buying firework make sure it has a CE sign and a registration number

Tested firework has a registration number and a CE sign along with the identification number of the notified body that confirms the manufacturer’s quality assurance.

0589 – F2 – 1254 is an example of a registration number. The number 0589 is the identification number for BAM, F2 is the category of the firework and 1254 is a serial number for the tested product.

BAM is currently one of 14 notified bodies within the EU that are safety testing pyrotechnic items in accordance with the provisions of the current Directive 2013/29/EU before they can be brought to market. As a rule, tests are carried out based on (harmonised) standards which specify product-specific criteria. To pass the test, products must fulfill design-relevant and functional requirements.

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Video: "Safe New Year's Eve – Buy only tested fireworks" (German version only)

Source: BAM

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