Particularly high safety requirements apply in the aviation and aerospace industry. This also holds true for the materials used, for example, high-temperature resistant metallic materials used in aircraft turbines. Suppliers to the industry can have their materials mechanically tested at BAM To do this, BAM regularly lets independent experts have a look over their shoulders and prove that their tests meet the industry’s high standards. These requirements are specified in the Nadcap programme and are reviewed every 18 months within an audit.

Which BAM services are Nadcap-accredited?

Since 2006, mechanical material testing and sample preparation have regularly been reaccredited. BAM services help aviation and aerospace suppliers meet the quality assurance requirements of their production and testing processes.

Attestation of competence

What is special about a Nadcap accreditation?

The Nadcap programme includes intensive monitoring of sample production and materials testing by independent experts. This includes monitoring all test procedures such as hardness, creep, and low-cycle fatigue (LCF).

Prerequisite for a Nadcap accreditation is a DIN ISO 17025 or DIN EN ISO 9001 compatible quality management system.

Who is behind the Nadcap programme?

Nadcap is a compliance testing programme organised by the aviation and aerospace industry. The aim is to ensure a uniform standard for quality assurance of production and test procedures and thus guarantee the high safety requirements.

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