group photo of the founders of CerAMing

The founders of CerAMing

Source: BAM

The Bundesanstalt für Materialforschung und -prüfung (BAM) is supporting the CerAMing start-up project in developing a 3D printer for industrial ceramic production. For this purpose, the start-up team is employing a new additive manufacturing technology researched and patented at BAM, which also enables the production of ceramic materials using 3D printing. This makes it possible to produce complex geometries to improve the performance of ceramic components that are particularly attractive to industry.

Today, 3D printing of plastic and metals is a rapidly growing market. Due to their superior physio-chemical properties in highly stressed applications, ceramic materials are advantageous over plastics and metals. The design freedom for ceramic components can also be significantly increased through additive manufacturing methods in comparison with conventional production processes. However, contrary to polymers and metals, 3D printing involving ceramic components is still in its infancy.

This is where the CerAMing project funded by EXIST Transfer of Research comes in. Jörg Lüchtenborg, Boris Agea-Blanco and Jinchun Chi, BAM researchers in the Additive Manufacturing division, and Sebastian Walzel, from the Banking and Finance department at the Freie Universität Berlin (FU), aim to develop an industrial 3D printer for ceramic materials. In April 2019, the team received funding from the Bundesministerium für Wirtschaft und Energie (BMWi) under the EXIST Transfer of Research programme.

BAM president Prof. Ulrich Panne highlighted BAM’s engagement efforts with start-ups: “Spin-offs are an important aspect of technology transfer. There are many young scientists with innovative ideas at BAM. Our BAMStartup Slingshot initiative supports them on their way to independence with scientific know-how and laboratory equipment.”

Jörg Lüchtenborg is also thrilled about this: “With the backing of BAM and through the EXIST Start-up Grant, we can focus fully on our vision of realising the industrialisation of 3D printing.”

BAMStartup Slingshot and Profund Innovation support

CerAMing is supported by the BAM start-up initiative BAMStartup Slingshot. The programme helps BAM start-up teams turn their ideas into a business. One focus is on spin-offs within the chemistry and materials science fields. In these areas, BAM has special expertise on topics including quality management, occupational safety and health, hazard assessment and the handling of hazardous substances. In addition, start-ups gain access to BAM's extensive laboratory and equipment resources.

The spin-offs are also supported by the Profund Innovation start-up network of the FU Berlin. Profund Innovation and BAM work together on the basis of a cooperation agreement in the area of start-up support. This allows BAM start-up teams to also participate in the network.