Alumni-Flyer und People

Alumni@BAM provides information and networking opportunities for BAM alumni.

Source: BAM

At its annual alumni event on 22 May 2019, the Bundesanstalt für Materialforschung und –prüfung (BAM) will discuss science communication. BAM president Professor Ulrich Panne, as well as junior scientists and experts will share their views on trends and challenges in the science communication field.

Around 80 young scientists are expected to attend the Alumni Event. Among the podium participants are:
• Prof. Dr Ulrich Panne, BAM president
• Rebecca Winkels, Wissenschaft im Dialog
• Daniel Meza, PhD student at Helmholtz-Zentrum Berlin and a top science slammer
• Anna Raysyan, PhD student at BAM and runner up in the Falling Walls Lab’s competition in 2018
• Alexander Battig, BAM’s PhD student speaker

Communicating science in an understandable and interesting manner

In times of ‘fake news’ and increasing scepticism concerning research results, strengthening confidence in science is an important feat. The foundation for this is good and comprehensible science communication. BAM would like to illustrate how its research improves life and makes it safer and protects the environment and commodities.

At the event, BAM alumni will learn how scientists can communicate their research effectively and our panellists will share their experiences and best practices. In addition to the expert panel, a small science slam by Daniel Meza is also part of the programme. As a science slam professional, he will show how to present scientific work in an understandable and entertaining way. Alumni will have the opportunity to exchange further and network during the BBQ.

About the BAM Alumni Network

Alumni@BAM offers various information and networking opportunities for former BAM employees. Members can regularly participate in lectures, workshops and alumni events and exchange ideas directly with BAM scientists across time zones and national borders.

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