BAM building Adlershof

Long Night of Sciences at BAM in Berlin-Adlershof

Source: BAM

Is green chemistry organic? How can smart materials help measure the sugar content of drinks? And how can we locate hazardous substances that we’re not aware of? Once again, the Bundesanstalt für Materialforschung und –prüfung (BAM) has prepared numerous demonstrations and hands-on experiments to entertain guests at the Long Night of the Sciences. “We would like to cordially invite guests of all ages to visit us in Adlershof to experience chemistry, physics and material sciences in action,” says BAM president Prof. Dr Ulrich Panne. BAM will also have a Science Lounge with music and catered food. The event will begin at 5pm, Saturday 15 June and end at midnight.

A look into the laboratories and workshops in Adlershof

In addition to hands-on science exhibits, BAM also offers hourly tours of its laboratories and workshops. During the tour, visitors can gain insights into the scientists' research work on pollutants in food and the environment. They will also see how and why crystals float as well as how “invisible” microplastics can become visible. BAM scientists will demonstrate what a beamline is using a small model of the electron storage ring BESSY II: The X-ray radiation here is used, for example, to investigate the interaction of building materials and environmental influences in order to render such building materials more resistant and durable.

Discovering science through fun activities

For the younger guests, there will be an abundance of experiments on the topic of density and they will find out what a spindle has to do with it. BAM trainees will supervise the experiments, answer questions and explain what they do as chemical laboratory assistants or materials testers. Visitors can also take a ‘heat selfie’ with a thermal imaging camera and take the printed picture home as a souvenir. Of course, they will also find out how exactly BAM is using thermography for inspecting wind turbines for defects.

Exclusive tour for girls

Together with the science network IGAFA and the Humboldt University of Berlin, BAM will also once again offer a special tour for female students from 10th to 12th grade this year. The exclusive tour provides the girls with insight into nanooptics, humanoid robots research and the analytical methods used to detect microplastics. In addition, they can speak with female scientists from a wide range of disciplines regarding training, studies and careers within the STEM field.

About BAM

BAM promotes safety in technology and chemistry.
As a BMWi departmental research institute, BAM performs research, testing and offers advisory support to protect people, the environment and material goods. Its activity in the fields of materials science, materials engineering and chemistry is focussed on the technical safety of products and processes.

BAM’s research is directed towards substances, materials, building elements, components and facilities as well as natural and technical systems important for the national economy and relevant to society. It also tests and assesses their safe handling and operation. BAM develops and validates analysis procedures and assessment methods, models and necessary standards and provides science-based services for the German industry in a European and international framework.

Safety creates markets.
BAM sets and represents high standards for safety in technology and chemistry for Germany and its global markets to further develop the successful German quality culture "Made in Germany“.