Frau mit schwebendem Tropfen und Pipette

Sciences are fascinating! At BAM Branch Adlershof girls grade 10 to 12 can bring drops to float at the long night of sciences.

Source: BAM

How far does a pair of jeans travel before it reaches the store? There will be an answer to this question at the special tour for girls grade 10 to 12 which will take place during the Long Night of the Sciences in Berlin-Adlershof on 9th June. The theme is "Make yourself smart!" The girls will conduct experiments in physics, chemistry, robotics and geography.

At four stations the students will gain insight into the diversity of the STEM subjects – science, technology, engineering and mathematics. The participants will also have an opportunity to talk to scientists. A maximum of 16 girls can participate in the free tour. Those interested need to register by 6th June. In addition, the girls will receive a complimentary ticket for the Long Night of the Sciences. The tour is organised by IGAFA – the scientific network representing nine non-university research institutions located in the technology park Berlin-Adlershof, Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin (HU) and the Bundesanstalt für Materialforschung und -prüfung (BAM).

Visualising atoms and programing robots

The tour will start at the HU UniLab. Female students and scientists from the Club Lise will demonstrate the rotation of the earth and talk about their mentoring programme for girls at the HU. The girls will then visit HU’s Department of Physics where the scientists of the HIOS project will show state-of-the-art electron microscopes which can visualise atoms. HU’s Department of Geography will also show how far a pair of jeans travels before it arrives at the store. Those interested in IT can program a robot at HU's Student Informatics Initiative Centre. And at BAM, the girls will be able to see how to drops and crystals can float and why this is useful. Finally, IGAFA will organise a talk with female scientists and provide tips on career prospects in STEM sciences.


There are still places available for the free girls’ tour. If you are interested, please register by email by 6th June at igafa@igafa.de.

More information on the tour is available here.

About BAM

BAM promotes safety in technology and chemistry.
As a BMWi departmental research institute, BAM performs research, testing and offers advisory support to protect people, the environment and material goods. Its activity in the fields of materials science, materials engineering and chemistry is focussed on the technical safety of products and processes.

BAM’s research is directed towards substances, materials, building elements, components and facilities as well as natural and technical systems important for the national economy and relevant to society. It also tests and assesses their safe handling and operation. BAM develops and validates analysis procedures and assessment methods, models and necessary standards and provides science-based services for the German industry in a European and international framework.

Safety creates markets.
BAM sets and represents high standards for safety in technology and chemistry for Germany and its global markets to further develop the successful German quality culture "Made in Germany“.

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