Trainees and trainers at BAM are delighted with the award

Trainees and trainers at BAM are delighted with the award

Source: BAM

The Bundesanstalt für Materialforschung und -prüfung (BAM) has received the seal of approval for excellence in training from the Chamber of Industry and Commerce (IHK) for the second time. The re-certification recognises the wide range of training courses and diverse offerings for trainees. The IHK Berlin confirms that BAM is one of the best training companies in Berlin. The IHK seal is awarded for a period of two years.

"The renewal of our certification proves that we view education as a continuous task for society as a whole and act accordingly,” emphasised BAM president Professor Dr. Ulrich Panne. "We believe in maintaining a close connection between education and science to promote the next generation of employees. This is only made possible by the great personal commitment of many BAM staff members involved in the training, whom I would like to thank. Of course, we continue to look for opportunities to further improve our training programme."

In order to receive the certification with the IHK for the excellence in training seal, mandatory and excellence criteria need to be fulfilled. The IHK checks compliance with the criteria by separately surveying apprentices and trainers. In addition, training consultants conduct on-site visits to check the plausibility of the company’s commitment to education.

"We award the IHK seal to honour companies and institutions that are involved in above average vocational training and are outstanding," says Dr. Thilo Pahl, IHK managing director for education and training, who presented the certificate personally. "We hope others will follow suit: those who invest in excellent training today usually have less problems with a shortage of skilled workers in the future."

The IHK Berlin praised the broad spectrum of training opportunities provided by BAM, which, in addition to the vocational training, also includes internships for pupils and students. BAM also provides guided tours for schools and businesses, university students and teachers, as well as special events and activities, such as Girls' Day, young researchers contest, and the Long Night of Sciences. The individual support for interns, trainees and students in various personal and professional matters was also highlighted.

Presenting the re-certification document for excellent training at BAM

Presenting the re-certification document for excellent training at BAM (from left to right): Heike Morisse, head of Central Administration; Prof. Dr. Ulrich Panne, BAM president; Dr. Thilo Pahl, IHK managing director for Education and Training and Anke Rau, BAM training coordinator

Source: BAM

About BAM

BAM promotes safety in technology and chemistry.
As a BMWi departmental research institute, BAM performs research, testing and offers advisory support to protect people, the environment and material goods. Its activity in the fields of materials science, materials engineering and chemistry is focussed on the technical safety of products and processes. BAM’s research is directed towards substances, materials, building elements, components and facilities as well as natural and technical systems important for the national economy and relevant to society. It also tests and assesses their safe handling and operation. BAM develops and validates analysis procedures and assessment methods, models and necessary standards and provides science-based services for the German industry in a European and international framework.

Safety creates markets.

BAM sets and represents high standards for safety in technology and chemistry for Germany and its global markets to further develop the successful German quality culture "Made in Germany“.