Dr. Franziska Fischer wins the Adlershof Ph.D. award with her presentation "Shaken, not stirred – chemistry in the ball mill"

Dr. Franziska Fischer wins the Adlershof Ph.D. award with her presentation "Shaken, not stirred – chemistry in the ball mill"

Source: IGAFA, photographer: Matthias Brandt

Dr. Franziska Fischer from BAM’s Structural Analysis Division at the Adlershof branch investigates co-crystals, or to be more precise, how mechanochemical processes create new compounds at the crystalline and molecular level. This involves the development of environmentally compatible and cost-efficient synthesis methods which can be applied, for example, in pharmacy. She earned her Ph.D. on this subject at the Berlin Humboldt University’s (HU) Institute of Chemistry and has now won the Adlershof Ph.D. award.

As one of a total of three nominees, Dr. Franziska Fischer won the Adlershof Ph.D. award in a competition at the HU on 15 February 2017. The challenge was for the nominees to explain in clear terms the subject of their work to the audience in just 15 minutes. Dr. Franziska Fischer convinced the jury with her presentation "Shaken, not stirred – chemistry in the ball mill" and was awarded the prize worth 3,000 euros for the best presentation skills. "I am delighted about the distinction – especially since there is an increasing awareness of a topic which sounds rather abstract at first glance", says Dr. Franziska Fischer.

"We congratulate Dr. Fischer on this outstanding prize", says BAM President Prof. Ulrich Panne. This award emphasises once again that highly qualified scientists are working at BAM on a wide range of topics of great economic and societal importance".

Dr. Franziska Emmerling, Head of the Structure Analysis Division, supervised the Ph.D. work at BAM and supported Dr. Franziska Fischer in the run-up to the competition. "We are very proud of Dr. Fischer's excellent work – both in scientific terms and the current presentation for the Adlershof Ph.D. prize", says Dr. Franziska Emmerling. "The results of Ms Fischer’s work are highly relevant, for example for the production of active substance combinations."

Dr. Franziska Fischer wins Adlershof Ph.D. award

the award ceremony (from left to right): Prof. Dr. Klaus Rademann from the Institute of Chemistry, Humboldt Universität Berlin, where Dr. Fischer wrote her Ph.D. thesis, Prof. Ulrich Panne, President of BAM, Dr. Franziska Fischer, Dr. Franziska Emmerling, Head of Division Structure Analysis

Source: IGAFA, photographer: Matthias Brandt

Background of the Adlershof Ph.D. award

Every year since 2002, the Berlin Humboldt University (HU), the Adlershof Initiative Association of Non-University Research Institutes (IGAFA) e.V. and WISTA MANAGEMENT GmbH have jointly awarded the Adlershof Ph.D. prize, which is endowed with 3,000 euros.

The target group comprises all young scientists who have completed their Ph.D. in Adlershof and were awarded the high distinction 'magna cum laude'. Three nominees compete against each other in a live competition. The winner is the person who presents their selected theme in the most lively and understandable way.

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