Source: BAM

The BAM has redesigned the Dangerous Goods Quickinfo Service in its Dangerous Goods Database. The homepage has improved in terms of transparency, and the data obtained in the detailed results for different transport modes are more comparable. In addition, links to external databases were added.

The Dangerous Goods Quickinfo Service is one of BAM’s free web apps that provides information on dangerous goods transportation. The data facilitate both the planning of dangerous goods movements and the identification of substances e. g. for mobile controls.

Users can search by substance name, UN number or by six other criteria. The web application then provides classification data, which are juxtaposed to the relevant legal provisions in tables.
Direct links to external databases were added. In addition to the GSBL , links to eChemPortal , GESTIS and ERICards (for ADR) are now included.

The new Dangerous Goods Quickinfo Service is available in German and English at www.dgg.bam.de/quickinfo/. The previous Quickinfo Service version will be offered simultaneously until the end of the year 2014.

Extensions for which a charge will be levied are planned for the next year. They will be more closely interlocked with the proven Dangerous Goods Database and will offer some of its functions within the web application.

The Dangerous Goods Database includes over 9,500 records on substances that are subject to dangerous goods legislation. Non-chemists will also find help when searching for specific dangerous materials by 30,000 additional reviewed synonyms and CAS numbers. The information will help shippers and logistics companies to plan dangerous goods transports.

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