BAM Report 2017-2018

BAM Report 2017-2018

Source: BAM

In the BAM REPORT 2017/2018, we outline several examples of our work as a centre of excellence for safety in technology and chemistry. For instance, you can read up on how we contribute to the safe handling of lithium batteries; these being regarded as a key technology for electric mobility. Or alternatively, on how we ensure increased safety for buses by putting their fire protection mechanisms to the test.

With our research in the focus areas of energy, infrastructure, environment, materials and analytical sciences, we are engaged in solving global challenges, these include sustainable energy use, protecting ecosystems and climate change. Discover how our further development of welding process is contributing to the energy transition and also what our phosphorus research has to do with preserving the Great Barrier Reef in Australia.

BAM conducts research at the highest level in the fields of materials science, materials engineering and chemistry. Many of the ideas that scientists develop in their laboratories could also become established in private enterprise. The BAMStartup Slingshot initiative supports company founders on their way to self-employment. We describe how this works in this BAM REPORT.

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