Grinzato Award ceremony

Grinzato Award ceremony by Dr. Christiane Maierhofer (2nd from right, chairperson of the conference, BAM) to Peter Burgholzer, RECENDT GmbH (centre) and present co-authors Mathias Ziegler, BAM (left), Erik Thiel, BAM (2nd from left) and Günther Mayr, University of Applied Sciences Upper Austria (right).

Source: BAM, Thermographic Methods Division

At the 14th Quantitative Infrared Thermography (QIRT) conference, which took place in Berlin at the end of June, the prize for the best scientific contribution was awarded to an Austrian-German collaboration: the scientists Peter Burgholzer (RECENDT GmbH, Austria), Thomas Berer (RECENDT ), Mathias Ziegler (BAM), Erik Thiel (BAM), Samim Ahmadi (BAM), Jürgen Gruber (University of Applied Sciences Upper Austria), Günther Mayr (University of Applied Sciences Upper Austria) and Günther Hendorfer (University of Applied Sciences Upper Austria) received the Grinzato Award for their paper "Blind structured illumination as excitation for super-resolution photothermal radiometry".

Infrared thermography is used as a non-contact, imaging temperature measurement method in many areas. For example, the quality of products in additive manufacturing can be ensured, or aircraft components and wind turbines can be tested for material defects. Thermography also enables the diagnosis of diseases. In their work, the scientists address a very fundamental problem of infrared thermography. The spatial resolution with which material defects can be detected becomes worse the deeper the defects lie below the surface. This is due to the physics of heat conduction. It is also said in this context that the heat diffuses. However, if a structured heat source such as a laser array is used instead of planar uniform heating, significant improvements can be achieved by multiple measurements, each with a different illumination configuration and subsequent numerical reconstruction. The scientists were able to show in their presentation that their approach makes it possible to find defects more precisely by a factor of four to six.

The Grinzato Award is named after the Italian scientist Dr. Ermanno Grinzato and is awarded for outstanding papers and presentations at the QIRT conference every two years. This year, the prize was even awarded twice. In addition to the presentation mentioned, a Spanish-Mexican collaboration "Characterization of open cracks in burst vibrothermography experiments" by K. Martínez, R. Celorrio, A. Mendioroz also received the award.

About QIRT

The Quantitative Infrared Thermography (QIRT) conference brings together scientists from around the world every two years to discuss the latest research results, technologies and applications in thermography. In addition to numerous presentations by international experts from research and industry, short courses on the various thermographic methods are on the programme. The conference takes place every two years in another country and in the Asian region as well in the intervening years since 2015. This year the conference was held on BAM’s Berlin-Adlershof site and on Alexanderplatz in Berlin-Mitte in cooperation with the German Society for Non-Destructive Testing (DGZfP).