Award winners at the ceremony

BAM Ph.D. student Daniel Dittmann (2nd from left) was awarded for his master’s thesis

Source: wwt - Das Praxismagazin für das Trink- und Abwassermanagement

Daniel Dittmann, a Ph.D. student in the Mechanics of Polymers Division, received the Nachwuchspreis der Fachzeitschrift „wwt wasserwirtschaft und wassertechnik“ (Young Scientist Prize of the Water Management and Water Technology Journal) in the master‘s thesis category. As part of his master's thesis, Dittmann developed a new thermoanalytical method that can determine the concentration of powdered activated carbon (PAC) in wastewater treatment plants.

PAC is becoming increasingly important for the purification of wastewater. It can be used to bind micropollutants such as pharmaceutical residues in the wastewater and prevent them from entering the rivers and potentially, our drinking water. However, questions about the dosage of activated carbon have not yet been clarified. This hinders the wide scale application of PAC in wastewater treatment plants.

The method developed by Dittmann also enables statements to be made about the properties and the effect of the activated carbon. Dittmann will continue his research within his Ph.D. study at BAM.