BAM vocational trainee graduates receive award

BMWi Parliamentary State Secretary Uwe Beckmeyer congratulates Anne Blanke (second from right in front row), Nico Gutheins (first from right in back row) and Jennifer Nickeleit (first right)

Source: © BMWi/Susanne Eriksson

At the beginning of February, parliamentary state secretary Uwe Beckmeyer presented awards to the 18 best graduates of 2017 who completed their vocational training at the Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy (BMWi) and its subordinate agencies. Among them are the three best graduates from BAM: chemical laboratory technician Anne Blanke, electronics technician for energy and building technology Nico Gutheins and office management clerk Jennifer Nickeleit. They had not only distinguished themselves in the final exams but showed excellent performance throughout the entire training.

Vocational training at BAM: versatile and tailored to individual interests

Education has a long tradition at BAM. The training jobs are just as varied as the tasks in the divisions. Vocational training lasts three to three and a half years and is generally divided into basic and specialist training. Basic training takes place in central BAM facilities (e.g. training workshop, training laboratory), while specialist training is carried out at BAM’s departments and divisions.

As an electronics technician for energy and building technology, Nico Gutheins ensures that the technical operation is kept up and running so that experiments can be carried out undisturbed. "I really liked that I was able to intensively study circuits and learn the theory," he emphasised.

Jennifer Nickeleit has specialised in secretarial and personnel assistance training. "The profession of office management clerk is a merger of three professions,” she explained. “We put great emphasis on learning in groups in the vocational school and develop learning topics very early on our own. The use of modern communication tools also has a great significance. One's own inclinations and interests are increasingly taken into account through the specialisations that are now possible."

Anne Blanke has opted to train as a chemical laboratory technician, which offers her an optimal combination of theory and practice. Chemical laboratory technicians work in laboratories of industrial and research institutions. Typical tasks include execution, evaluation and documentation of laboratory tests, recording observations and test results, and handling chemicals. At BAM, vocational trainees are actively involved in research during their training and they work closely with scientists – right up to preparing scientific papers in context with Ph.D. theses.

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