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Heidrun Fink presented the safe use of rockets, bangers etc.

Source: BAM

It starts once again in a few days’ time: the sale of New Year's Eve fireworks. To ensure that the New Year does not begin with injuries, BAM provided information at its traditional press conference on the safe use of rockets, bangers etc. Ms Heidrun Fink and Dr. Christian Lohrer from the Explosives Division showed the journalists what to pay attention to when using tested fireworks.

What you have to look for

Legal, tested fireworks are marked with a registration number and a CE marking. BAM-tested fireworks, for example, have the registration number 0589 – F2 – 1254 (0589 stands for BAM). It is also good if the user manual is available in German. The instructions for use are often printed directly on the fireworks body. It is all the more important that they are also read – preferably early and still during daylight, in order to arrange necessary equipment in time. For example, rockets are much more stable if they are not just stuck in a freestanding (champagne) bottle but when the bottle is in a crate.

It is of course crucial that not only the instructions for use are read but also they are unconditionally observed for one’s own safety and also for the safety of others. This also means that, for example, a safety distance of eight metres must be maintained for rockets and bangers. It is dangerous to throw bangers only a metre or two away or even ignite them in one’s hand.

One should definitely avoid buying and using illegal fireworks. Illegal fireworks without a CE marking can cause serious injury as they not only contain black powder but are often filled with much more reactive flash concussion powder. In addition, there is no guarantee that there will be enough time to reach the required safety distance from the moment of ignition until the firing of the banger. Igniting a banger in one’s hand can lead to the loss of limbs e.g. an entire hand. A re-enacted scene in the video shows this very vividly.