The guests of REMCOs 40. General Assembly were welcomed at the BAM branch Adlershof

The guests of REMCOs 40. General Assembly were welcomed at the BAM branch Adlershof

Source: BAM

The reference materials committee of the International Standardization Organization (ISO), REMCO, held its 40th General Assembly at the BAM branch Adlershof from 27. – 29. June 2017. The event was organised in conjunction with the German Standardisation Body DIN Deutsches Institut fuer Normung e. V.

REMCO develops and maintains scientific-technical standards for the production of reference materials in all areas of measurement and testing. The international standardisation body cares for guidance describing, and setting requirements to, reference materials. It also addresses questions relevant to reference materials like classification, transportation, and traceability of the assigned value. To BAM, REMCO is an important partner in the fields of reference materials and procedures. Between the experts, new projects have been agreed, particularly in the fields of porosity and humidity measurements.

This year’s General Assembly was attended by 33 representatives from 20 countries around the world, from Japan to South Africa and Brazil. Representatives are with National Metrology Institutes, accreditation bodies, academia, and industries involved in reference materials production.

They discussed current issues in reference material production both in the plenary and the various working group meetings. Most important issues for the near future are inorganic and organic purity RM as well as reference materials with nominal properties.

Parties interested or involved in the production of such RM are kindly invited to join ISO/REMCO for pushing forward approaches to materials ensuring a better way of life.