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Bundesanstalt für Materialforschung und -prüfung (BAM), focus areas Environment and Analytical Sciences

Branch Adlershof

Branch Adlershof

Source: BAM

Per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances (PFAS) are a class of more than 4700 chemical compounds originating from anthropogenic sources. PFAS have been used extensively in a variety of products and industries, due to their high chemical stability and resistance towards degradation by heat or corrosion. On the downside, these chemical properties imply non-degradability and PFAS have been increasingly linked to cause severe illnesses. As a result, the presence of these compounds in plants and animals especially in areas close to industrial and military locations and the human body all around the world has been recognized as a major challenge for future remediation work.

BAM is working on the development of analytical techniques for PFAS as well as remediation of PFAS contaminated matrices and is currently a member of the PerFluSan network ( for PFAS analytics and remediation within Europe. In order to analyze PFAS contamination in different matrices, several analytical methods are available. Our main goal within this workshop will be the discussion of advantages and drawbacks of current state-of-the-art methods in contrast to various novel and less well-known techniques for PFAS analytics..

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Preliminary Program

10:00-10:15Welcome and introductionC. Vogel, F.-G. Simon (BAM)
10:15-10:55“Analytical techniques for PFAS in food and plant material”M. Bücking, B. Göckener (Fraunhofer IME)
10:55-11:35“Analytical techniques for PFAS in biota and human samples”A. Kärrman (Uni Örebro)
11:35-12:15“Analytical techniques for PFAS in the aquatic and terrestrial environment”F. T. Lange (TZW)
12:15-13:15Lunch break 
13:15-13:30Presentation on the PerFluSan network for PFAS remediationM. Fischer (Ifectis)
13:30-14:00„HR-CS-GFMAS for PFAS sum parameter analysis in surface water and soil samples”B. Meermann (BAM)
14:00-14:30“Non-targeted Analysis for PFAS using simultaneous online HPLC coupled to ESIMS and ICPMS”J. Feldmann (Uni Graz)
14:30-14:50Coffee break 
14:50-15:15“Current challenges on PFAS analytics”P. Roesch, P. Wittwer (BAM)
15:15-16:15Panel discussionAll speakers + community
16:15-16:30Summary – closing remarksC. Vogel, F.-G. Simon (BAM)