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Bundesanstalt für Materialforschung und -prüfung and Diamond Light Source, UK

Live-webinar BAM and Diamond Light Source

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Using x-rays and neutrons to understand structure-property relationships and supporting experiments and calculations


Dr Helen Duncan, University College London, GB


My work has been largely focused on trying to understand how the atomic structure of a material can influence physical properties, such as the temperature at which we start to see magnetic ordering, or the material's response to applied electric fields.

I use both neutron scattering, and x-ray diffraction to produce models of the materials under a range different temperatures and pressure. If we can then measure physical properties under the same conditions, we can try to understand how changes in atomic and molecular geometry effect the physical properties.

In this talk I will discuss using neutron scattering data to make models containing thousands of atoms, using single crystal x-ray data to make models containing only tens of atoms, and complementary lab-based experiments to link the physical properties to the atomic structure.

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